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Take the next step and turn your work into art with our amazing selection of decorative rocks. 


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Avian Arts Rocks has a large selection of rocks to choose from that fit the largest Pair of Sea Ducks all the way down to a single Bufflehead.
Avian Arts Rocks are used by many of the top bird taxidermist in the country with great results.   



Avian Arts Rocks was started to help the bird taxidermist find that “perfect” rock. As most bird taxidermists will attest to, ordering rocks from a catalog can be a risky proposition. 

Rocks for bird taxidermy need to be flat on the top surface for the birds to stand on or lay down. Most artificial rocks on the market are sold as filler rocks or geared for big game habitat. Finding that perfect size rock with a flat surface for your bird taxidermy work is a thing of the past. 

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